Konvergensi Media Dalam Program “After Hours with Helmy Yahya” di Inews

Irmawati Oktavianingtyas, Udi Rusadi


After Hours with Helmy Yahya is a talk show program produced by Inews TV, under the auspices of the MNC Group. But unfortunately, the program was terminated after airing for no more than 2 months. Convergence as a strategy for media companies to survive in the digital era has been applied to the program, but apparently, this does not affect the success of the program. Therefore, the author wants to know the application of media convergence in the "After Hours with Helmy Yahya" program and also to know the extent to which convergence contributes to the success of the program, especially in terms of the political economy of the media. The results of the study indicate that most of the program's income comes from After Hours with Helmy Yahya which is broadcasted via analog TV. It can be concluded that the convergence strategy has not contributed significantly to the success of the program, especially in terms of income for the company


The Political economy of media, Media Convergence, Inews.

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